Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fun and Love for Sadie

I'm sure this happens to everyone... You click on a friends facebook post, and you read a story that tugs on your heart... and you feel the need to help. THIS PARTICULAR STORY did that for me. Maybe it's because I have three children of my own... One of which, is a little blond girl close to Sadies age...But none of which, I think I could bare to live without. Maybe it's because I know the family, in a round-about sort-of way... Or maybe it's just because I can help...  I don't want this opportunity to pass me by.
So, I decided to donate this cute little antique side table to the AUCTION which, btw, sounds like it's going to be an awesome good time!
You can't even imagine all the insecurities I've had over this!
 Silly, I know.
So I wrote this saying on the chalkboard top, as a little pep talk for myself! :)

I painted it in ASCP Provence, with chalkboard paint on the top.
It's the first time I've used chalkboard paint, and my kids are really diggin it.
I imagine I'll be doing more of it!

The drawers are lined with fabric...

And no, it's not perfect...but it's beautiful! :)

To read about Sadies story, click HERE.
For information about the auction, and how to donate click HERE.
If you can, come out to the auction, have some FUN and show some LOVE for SADIE!


  1. This is totally beautiful. I wish I could be there to bid on it. Good luck to Sadie.

  2. The table that you donated was amazing!! You have some amazing talents!


  3. This is so cute!! And such a wonderful idea! Nice job :)


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