Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year! Welcome 2014!

This post is going to be about CHANGE... Timely, isn't it?
That's what bringing in the new year is about, right?
"Out with the old mumbo-jumbo... in with the new..."
(name that movie!)
And if your list of things to change is anything like mine, it's never-ending.
So, let's start small and easy, with a piece of furniture...
This is it in it's past life, which I'm sure, had seen better days...
Major wear on the top, and chips in the veneer made it a perfect candidate for some planer magic.
But why stop there? I had in mind some serious change!
Here is where I must say, I love my husband. He's got some amazingly attractive skills, AND he puts up with me. Love. Love him.
So.... this is the finished product, or products.
Two night stands from an old vanity... Who uses vanities anymore anyway?
On a side note, I did keep the center top parts, and plan to make them into something useful,
stay tuned! ;)

Painted in ASCP Pure White with clear and dark wax. 

How's that for CHANGE? No turning back now! :)
I wish you all success with the changes you desire to make this coming year!
And remember, true change, in ourselves, comes only through our Savior, Jesus Christ.
Happy 2014!