Thursday, August 11, 2011

Antique Buffet

This is the buffet in it's original form (minus the mirror.) It was in poor condition, but I could see it had potential. I was attracted to the knobby legs and the fact that it still had the original mirror in perfect condition. I'm a little bit addicted to buffets I think....

So when I got it home and began deconstructing it I found that some previous owner had painted all the doors and drawers different colors....oh, the horror. I discovered the wonderfully useful HEAT GUN on this project. I'll definately be using that again.

I primed it, painted it, then glazed it. When I began to sand it, the crazy colors started to show through, so I couldn't sand it as much as I would have liked.

I replaced the knobs with rust colored ones from Nobel woodworking. I painted it with a mistint paint I found at Walmart. And I have to say "thanks" to my friend Brittany for helping me paint this one. She motivates me to DO a lot of things I would normally just sit around and think about.

I really couldn't wait to get this one inside my house, and it looks great next to my kitchen table.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Antique Dresser

I found this dresser at a local thrift store, and my initial response was that it was priced too high, it was really a piece of junk. It was broken on top, and really was looking quite pitiful. But I bought it, and all the way home I had buyers remorse.

It was my first experience with "stripping" funiture. It was so old and had so many layers of paint, I felt that was my best option. What a MESS! But under all the layers was this incredible blue/green paint that remained in some spots. Pure luck!

I repainted it with "Wood Ash" by Benjamin Moore but I was able to keep little bits of the blue/green paint on in places and have it show through after I sanded it. I added rusty star handles for a bit of fun, and I used fabric from local designer Amy Hamberlin to line the drawers. The turquoise really makes them POP. I just love how this dresser turned out!

And to think I almost passed this one by.... It was the rails and panels on the sides that I couldn't resist. I'm SO glad that I bought it, and I'm thrilled with the end result!

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