Friday, February 22, 2013

The "Ed Harris Dresser"

Hey! I'm going to be a vendor at the WildHare FleaMarket!
Woo Hoo!! Mark your calendars!
March 22nd & 23rd!
This dresser is actually part of a set,
I have an absolutely gorgeous bed frame (w/ curved foot board and all!) that matches it.
The bed was in awesome condition, the dresser,... not so much.
 On to the reason I call it the "Ed Harris Dresser..."
During the "prep" phase I discovered some writing under the bottom drawer.
Apparently the dresser once belonged to 17 year old Ed Harris.
On November 25, 1937 (Thanksgiving Day)
He felt so inspired to tell a little about himself,
on the bottom drawer of his dresser, no less.
Or was it his dresser?
Perhaps he helped build it??

I just love it when I stumble across these little bits of history...
It's so endearing...
And I would love to find Mr. Harris...
(if he's still alive, he would be 92-93)
and let him know I have his dresser.
Hopefully he wouldn't be too disappointed to see what I've done to it. ;)
I painted it in ASCP "Old Ochre" and "Pure White"
With clear and dark wax, and slight distressing.
Faith and I finished her quilt today, so I just had to photograph it... a lot. :) Sorry.
Some close-ups of the slight distressing...
And close-ups of the quilt... :):)
Faith pieced the top (mostly) and I quilted it.
I think it makes a wonderful photo prop. ;)
If you happen to know a 93 year old man named "Ed Harris," let me know! ;)
Have an awesome day!
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