Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Legless Buffet

When I came across this buffet my heart skipped a beat.
It was the only piece in a local antique mall that I could begin to afford...
and it was priced WAY too high for it's condition.
I tried walking away a few times,
but I just couldn't leave it there.
I really wanted to see this thing transformed!
You can see the veneer was in very poor condition...
The doors were missing, and the legs at some point had been cut off.
But still...
Can't you see the possibilities?
So Mark took his monster 12" planer to it and the veneer was a goner.
I painted it with ASCP in "pure white" and used clear and dark wax.
Stained the top, and drawer embellishments, added a wood embellishment of my own,
and some new pulls....

And the transformation is complete!

I think this one is a keeper!
I'd love to hear your thoughts!
Make it a wonderful day!

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Modern Vintage Makeover

I bought this dresser set a while back, and could NOT decide what to do with it. It was in incredible shape, absolutely nothing wrong with it, dove tailed connections and everything... It had SO many possibilities! And there it sat. :)

Until Jamie called me... she wanted it for her sons room and she wanted it GREY.

Brilliant. Of course! GREY!

She only wanted the tall dresser and the nightstand.
Her plan is to add some orange pulls and put it in her sons room.

I think it's going to look so stinking cool!

So I departed the text a bit with the remaining dresser... I liked the GREY theory,
but I wanted to bring in a little WOOD as well.
(My two favorite colors! )

I'm loving how it turned out. Very striking.

Very vintage... and  modern...

Don't know if Mark will let me sell this one... He digs it.
Have a great day!!

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mom's Side Tables...

Who's ready for a quick "before and after?"

Here's a photo of the one side table I bought at a garage sale many years ago, and it's twin I found last weekend...

My mom wanted them painted in "Emperor's Silk," for her guest bedroom... what a great choice!

Have a wonderful day!