Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Milk Paint and Old Quilts... Two of My Favorite Things.

First of all, if you haven't heard about Olie & Evie, the newest little quilt shop in town, head on over to their blog or facebook page and check them out! I think Rhonda and I are kindred spirits... we like old stuff...weathered wood... rusty metal... fabric...quilts... pretty much everything. So, when she asked me to convert this old dresser into shelves for a display cabinet and said she wanted it in MMS Milk Paint, in Boxwood, I jumped on the opportunity. Here is a before photo of the dresser...

Honestly, I never thought of using the color Boxwood, I don't really have a reason why, I just didn't. So I was really excited to try something outside of my "normal" color choices. The color was... incredible!

To my surprise, the milk paint didn't chip much. I didn't even use the bonding agent... just a few chips here and there around the edges.
I tried to photograph the awesome variations in color... isn't it pretty?

I finished it with MMS's clear wax. I love that stuff.

 And here's the best part... We traded services! I had a vintage red, white and blue quilt top that I had found a garage sale a while back, all hand pieced! And some vintage quilt blocks I found as well. I sewed the blocks together to make a funky bed scarf. Rhonda has a long arm quilting machine, and is a very skilled custom quilter.  So, I asked her to quilt them and bind them. I wish the photos were better, but here they are...

I'm absolutely thrilled with the results! I wish the photos did them justice, but they don't. They are so beautiful, I just can't keep my eyes off of them! Now to find a place to display them... :)

Have a lovely day!

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Monday, November 4, 2013

My Latest Re-creation in Chippy Grey...

I fell in love with this dresser the minute I saw it. It's got such cute personality, even though it was in really rough shape... Chipped veneer everywhere, wonky drawers that were coming apart... Nothing I haven't seen before though, and I felt up to the challenge. OHTF has been so busy lately, he hasn't been able to help with any repairs, and I was confident I could handle this one by myself...

I decided to work with the imperfections and enhance the chips rather than hide them... So a chippy paint job in a pale grey was the answer... finished with clear and dark wax to a smooth sheen.

I went ahead and painted the drawers inside and out, and lined the bottoms with contact paper...

The original pulls were... perfection! So of course, they went right back on...

Now this silver fox is as good as new again! What a fun project! What do you think? :)

This piece is now SOLD.

And this is what OHTF has been up to... a triplex park model hunting cabin destined for Canada...
Very cool, huh?

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The WildHare Vintage Flea! A last minute GIVEAWAY!

It's that time again!
It's got a new name, but it's the same awesome flea market... only larger.... and better....
You should totally come! ;)
I'm hosting a giveaway, along with many other vendors!
You're chances of winning something are very good!
To win $20.00 in my Antique Recreation booth, all you have to do is SHARE my post on Facebook, and COMMENT on said post. I will announce the winner Thursday night!
That's tomorrow... whaaat?!!
For other chances to win, and to get to know some awesome vendors visit:


Monday, August 12, 2013

Short Buffet in Tricycle Red...

Here is my second attempt at using Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint...
this time, in "Tricycle Red..."
Here is the buffet "before..."
I thought this piece would lend itself to chipping,
and boy, did it ever!
It chipped, and chipped, and chipped some more...
I really love what became of it.
The top veneer had some cracks and chips that were beyond repair
so I had Mark do his thing with the 12" planer.
The wood underneath had some variations in color that wouldn't sand out...
I think it just adds to the character of this truly unique piece...
I can honestly say I've been converted to milk paint.
It's so easy and fun to use!

This piece is now SOLD.
Have you had experience with milk paint?
I would love to know what you think!
Have an awesome day!
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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Wash Stand in Kitchen Scale

My first attempt at painting with Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint was a huge success!
First of all, I ordered the paint from Robyn Story Designs.
They were so fast and friendly, I will definitely be ordering from them again!
I think I'm in love with milk paint...
Here is the "before" photo of this cute little wash stand I've had for a while now,
not knowing what to do with it...
I thought it was the perfect candidate for the "chippy" look milk paint is famous for...
Strangely enough, it hardly chipped at all.
Still, the chippy look was what I was going for,
 so I coaxed more of the paint off with my putty knife...
I waxed it with MMS Furniture Wax, which I LOVED.
It went on so smooth and easy!
And I used a bit of her Antiquing Wax as well.
Did I mention this color is "Kitchen Scale?"
It's absolutely lovely, I can't keep my eyes off of it.
I think I'm hooked on milk paint.
33 1/2" wide, 30" tall, 18 1/2" deep
Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

An Independence Day GIVEAWAY!!!

Happy Independence Day!!!
This just so happens to be my favorite holiday of the year!
(Next to Christmas, of course... :)
So I decided to do a giveaway... I had a hard time deciding what to give away.
Not wanting to limit the possibilities for "out-of-towners," I chose this cute little gear clock...
Picked and re-created by yours truly... :)
All you have to do to enter is "like" Antique Recreation on Facebook,
and "share" the post about the giveaway...
If you're not on Facebook, where have you been???
Just kidding, you can leave a comment on this post for an entry as well.
Fun, huh?
Oh, and I wanted to show you a few little side tables I've finished recently...
The first one my DAD actually stopped at a garage sale and picked up for me... WOW!!!
I never thought that would happen! :)
Painted in ASCP Country Grey... with dark wax on the wood top...
And the second is one I picked myself... so CUTE!!!
I forgot to take "before" photos of both of them, darn it!
Painted in ASCP Provence with dark wax.
I hope everyone has a safe, fun and wonderful day for the 4th of July!!!

Antique Table and Chairs in Graphite...

This incredible table and chair set was given to me by my cousins
Jeff and MaryAnn Hamblin.
I'm so grateful for their trust in my abilities to re-create it... it was so much fun!
I decided to paint in ASCP Graphite and only use a dark wax.
The top had a gorgeous grain that I stained first with dark walnut, then a light coat of ebony,
then sealed with polyurethane. 
It turned out beautifully!
The chairs were in desperate need of new padding and upholstery...
The new owners bought it before that was done so they chose this cute mustard yellow fabric.
I love it! The contrast of the yellow and graphite is stunning!
Love, love, LOVE those legs!
I had such fun transforming it...
I hope it provides a beautiful spot for countless family meals to come!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

New Inventory and a Lawyers Bookcase...

We are trying to put our house on the market...which is proving to be a huge job!
I'd SO much rather be creating things and making messes than keeping my house in "show" condition...UGH! Anyhow, so I cleared out the garage... I was actually able to park in there for a good two weeks! But of course,  having an empty garage inspired me to find more things to paint, and boy, did I ever find some sweet things to paint! (With some help from my mom, thanks mom!)
So here are some sneak peeks of the new inventory...

I like them all so much, I don't know WHAT to do with them...
It's quite the predicament...
And needless to say, I can't park in my garage anymore... :/
But here is a cute little lawyer's bookcase that I finished...
and it's FOR SALE! $75.00
Such a perfect place for a fabric stash!
Dark wax adds depth and character to distressed turquoise...
White on the inside helps colors pop!
Just over 3 ft wide, 34 inches tall and 13 1/2 inches deep.
Have a wonderful summer day!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A Few "Quickies"....

I never showed a proper "before and after" of this particular dresser...
It was a mess. Partially painted with white goop...
missing one drawer, no back...

Mark put a lot of effort into this one.
He built shelves, attached reclaimed backing, and sanded like mad...
Then I stained the top, and white washed the rest.
Finished with wax and new craftsman pulls...
I told Mark we make a really good team!
This is another dresser I took to
 the WildHare FleaMarket.
and "After"....
(phone shot, sorry for the blur.)
Painted in ASCP Aubusson Blue.
This was a fun one!
Have an awesome day!