Monday, August 12, 2013

Short Buffet in Tricycle Red...

Here is my second attempt at using Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint...
this time, in "Tricycle Red..."
Here is the buffet "before..."
I thought this piece would lend itself to chipping,
and boy, did it ever!
It chipped, and chipped, and chipped some more...
I really love what became of it.
The top veneer had some cracks and chips that were beyond repair
so I had Mark do his thing with the 12" planer.
The wood underneath had some variations in color that wouldn't sand out...
I think it just adds to the character of this truly unique piece...
I can honestly say I've been converted to milk paint.
It's so easy and fun to use!

This piece is now SOLD.
Have you had experience with milk paint?
I would love to know what you think!
Have an awesome day!
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  1. That turned out beautiful!!!
    I've been on a red kick myself ( 5 of them last month LOL ) but haven't tried milk paint yet!
    LOVE this makeover!

  2. Very Nice!!! Haven't use this paint...but open to new experiences! Thanks for sharing this piece with daring!
    Loretta XX

  3. Beautiful! I love Tricycle red!

  4. This is so beautiful. Great job

  5. I used MMS Typewriter for the first time this past week. I used it on a six panel door turned headboard. LOVED it! Totally converted!!!! I waxed it, but I am waiting on hemp oil to come in so that I can give that finish a try. The waxing is hard on my shoulders!!! Love the buffet in tricycle!

  6. I love the way this turned out. I was "converted" a few months back and recently had to use some latex paint on a project and complained up a storm about having to use latex instead of milk paint. I don't think I could ever use anything else.

  7. Hi: I just stopped by to say hello and let you know that your work is beautiful. The photography is also just wonderful.


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