Monday, April 8, 2013

Repurposed Stereo Console

What a fun makeover this was!
We started with an awesome non-functional mid-century modern stereo console....
Chase was happy to do most of the deconstruction of the stereo.
He was fascinated by this strange thing called a "record player..." :)

To make a long story short,
we gutted it, removed the speakers and backing, built a new top,
added awesome antique hinges, made a new back with reclaimed lumber planks,
painted, distressed a bit, waxed, buffed,
took it to the WildHare FleaMarket, sold it,
then remembered I had no "after" picture....:(
The new owner was kind enough to let me snap a photo later, thankfully.
So here it is...
The "after" photos are from my phone... not the greatest...
What fun, eh?
Have an awesome day!
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  1. The phone photos really don't do it justice. It doesn't show how pretty the color was. You could have sold that a half dozen times when I was watching your booth for those few short minutes.

    1. Thanks Mom! Yea, it was a popular one. I liked it a lot.

  2. I would loved to have found this style of console in working order. I just found one that doesn't have the great legs yours does. Yours was more in keeping with the style I like. The planks on the back are a great addition. Glad you were able to sell it!

  3. Hi Danielle. Thanks for your fun comment at my blog. Sure you can pin. Have at it.

    I had to go look up how to change the no reply thing because I couldn't remember how to do it. To change your no reply status, you go to the icon at the top right of your blog page where the the blogger sign in is and hit the drop down, then chose profile. Go into profile and hit edit profile. In there make sure to fill your email address in where it asks and check the box that says show email address. Then save changes. That'll do it!

    Hope that helps!

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