Friday, April 19, 2013

Re-do of a re-do of a re-do...

Some of you might remember the makeover of this
SWEET buffet...
When I removed a bad paint job,
I found a worse paint job...
pink top drawer, red door, blue door, green drawer, etc.
It was a disaster.
I removed the rippling veneer from off the top,
but painted over all the other imperfections in the veneer...
and ended up with this...
Better... right? :)
I finally got tired of all the veneer coming off the front
of the doors and drawers so we removed it.
Wow! What a treasure hiding underneath!
The most beautiful wood with worm holes everywhere!
It's amazing to me that back in the day they went to such great lengths
to cover imperfections that we sometimes go to great lengths to imitate.
(Ever taken a shot gun to a piece of furniture to create a "worm hole" effect?)
( I haven't either... but there are those who will remain nameless...:) :)
I didn't stain the fronts, I just used a dark wax.
Rusty knobs and cup pulls work perfectly on this piece
which still has the original beveled mirror and wooden castors.
This piece just keeps getting better and better with age!
Have a wonderful day!


  1. Wow! This one is so sweet! I love the look of the wood surrounded by the paint. I want to bb gun something, that would be so fun! Thanks for stopping by and commenting at Quirky Vistas. that would be a blast! Somehow the look of that field your profile picture was taken in tells me you're not near South Florida! :) Too bad!

    Oh, by the way, I don't know if you realized it or not, but you are a no reply blogger when you comment. If you change that in your settings, I can answer you directly by email! I didn't realize that for a while myself, but once you can, it makes a huge difference in the time it takes to reply to everyone!

    Your site is adorable. I'll be back! I'm following now by GFC and by email, just in case GFC goes out.

    1. Thanks Liz! No, I'm nowhere near South Florida, darn it. I live in the high desert in southeast Idaho, but it's fun to know like minded people are everywhere! I really enjoy reading your blog and I've subscribed to your emails! Thanks for the detailed instructions on how to change my no reply blogger status... I did it! (I think...) :)
      Have a great day!

  2. Love it! I liked the first redo, but this one has a bit more...character. Awesome piece!

    1. Thanks Nicole! Yea, it kind of oozes character now... :)

  3. I love both, but the second is my favorite! I invite you to join my link party with this piece!


    1. Goedele,
      I'm sorry I missed your link party, I will try again. Thanks so much for the invite!

  4. Love it!! I'm always scared to remove the veneer because I don't know what's going to be under there, maybe next time I'll take a chance. :)

    1. Thanks Stephanie! I know, it's always a gamble... but sometimes it's pure awesomeness waiting underneath! Good luck! :)

  5. gorgeous piece! love the raw wood. good call removing the veneer!

  6. love the redo , i would love to feature it, if that would be ok let me know,

    1. Thanks Lauren! Sure, you can feature it! That would be awesome!

  7. LOVE this piece!! You did an awesome job! Don't you just love uncovering beautiful wood like that?!?


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