Saturday, April 28, 2012

Using up some of my "stash".....

I have a little bit of an addiction to fabric. I love having it folded into neat little color coordinated stacks. The way I see it, as long as it's in those stacks, it has so many possibilities... As soon as you cut into it, those possibilities are limited. So there it sits, with endless possibilities, but doing nothing.

But my friend Brittany (the great motivator :),) came over the other day with a bag she was cutting out for a gift. As I helped cut out the bag, I said, "I really should make one of these..." and of course, Britt wouldn't let it stop there. So we headed down to the fabric stock pile and started matching things up.

To make a long story a little bit shorter, a week later, and with much guidance from Britt, this is the end result.
After seeing how cute the fabrics were together, I couldn't leave it at just the bag. I cut the scraps into squares and decided to make a little baby/lap quilt. I used an old sheet for the background and backing.

The best part for me, was that I didn't have to go to the store and buy anything except the fusible fleece for the bag. Everything else I had on hand... just waiting. :)

So there ARE perks to hoarding fabric. (I'm hoping my husband will read this somehow.) It inspires creativity, no? Brittany teased me for keeping all the little tiny scraps. But hey, you never know, right?

I need to mention that the bag pattern is by Amy Hamberlin of Katie Cupcake, and the instructions for the quilt I found on pinterest HERE.


  1. I love going down stairs and seeing your color coordinated stashes. It looks so pretty. You should have put a picture of it in too. I wonder where you got the habit of stashing fabric.

  2. Hi Danielle, I'm a friend of Brittany's. You commented on my blog awhile back. Thanks by the way. I love all your furniture! You do a great job! And I love this quilt and bag! And I know all about fabric stashes. Darn Moda for making those cute little Jelly Rolls! It's so hard to pull them apart and ruin them.

  3. Well it was worth sacrificing a little bit of your stash to make this. Adorable and I love the color combo!


  4. Hi Danielle! Nice to meet you through the comment you left on my feast buffet. I'm a new follower....loving your furniture and fabric. Deb


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