Friday, September 12, 2014

Grandpa Brough's Desk... Updated

My mom just recently gave me this desk that her father gave her... and now I'm giving it to my son, Chase. From what I understand, my grandpa Brough was quite the tinkerer... I think he and Chase would really hit it off. Chase is going to love having a place to store all his little tools and projects, and place to work on them too.
 This is what the desk used to look like... kind of. I had already started sanding the drawers when I thought to take a photo. It was very... orange. Which is fine, but not my style.

This is more my style...
 The bottom is painted in ASCP Graphite with a dark wax finish. The top was sanded down and finished with dark walnut and dark wax. The pulls were sprayed with oil-rubbed bronze, and I think the black on black effect is studly. :)

I'm liking it... a LOT. And I'm pleased to say, so is Chase. I'm hoping Grandpa would feel the same.


  1. I bet Grandpa would be happy with the desk-it's beautiful!

  2. Actually the wood is a redwood. It is one of the pieces we brought from Canada. One day I will have you do the bedroom furniture of the same wood. It at least has the dovetailing that the desk didn't.

  3. P.S. I think Dad would be very please. I know I am. I love your staging for the picture. Be thinking of a color to do the bedroom set.


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