Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Braving the Cold...for a Nine Drawer Dresser.

There's nothing quite like sanding a dresser in -10 degree weather...
I just couldn't wait to start this one!
Some pieces I will have sitting in my garage for months,
and others I have to start the very day I get them.
Luckily, the clean lines of this mid-century modern dresser made for quick work outside.
(BTW, I only sanded outside, the painting and waxing was done on my kitchen table...)
Donning all my winter apparel, I felt like I was getting ready to go skiing,
 and the sunshine made me pine for my ski bumming days at the Chateau Apres in Park City.
But alas, my outdoor recreation will be limited to "antique recreation".... for now.:)
So here is the big reveal....
I knew I wanted to stain the top, but it took me a while to decide on the color of paint.
I decided to use my unopened can of ASCP in "Old Ochre."
I LOVE this color. It's a perfect creamy off white. Gorgeous.
I decided to replace the original pulls with new cup pulls and knobs in oil-rubbed bronze.
I finished with clear wax and a slight distressing.
Have an AWESOME day! 


  1. My gosh, you are brave. The reveal looks well worth it though. Beautiful piece. I love the color and great choice on the pulls.

  2. oh, I probably would have let it sit in the garage a little while longer. Kuddos to you for getting out there in the cold weather.
    It was worth it because your dresser looks great!

  3. The color is gorgeous.... You are so brave to do is in the cold!

  4. K- spill the beans, where IN your house do you paint? And now I am wanting some Old Ochre- it's gorgeous!

    1. Ha!:) I totally paint on my kitchen table. We had to eat at the bar for about four days for this one.:) Now I'm wondering if my post implies that I did everything out in negative temperatures... I'm definately not that brave. :) Our living room/kitchen/dining room/work shop is truely multi-purpose!
      And yes, I think old ochre is a "must have!" :)

  5. Did you have any trouble with the paint in weather that cold? I never paint outside in weather below 60 (but I'm a wimp!).

    1. Thank you Cyndi! I think my post might be misleading, I didn't paint outside, I just sanded everything outside. I paint everything on my kitchen table when it's too cold out. I'm not sure how the paint would hold up in weather that cold, probably not well...:)

  6. Nice blog and love your talent with paint! New Follower


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