Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Retro Buffet in Graphite and French Linen Wash

Here's a quick "Before & After" before I make dinner...
Cute little retro buffet by Stanley Furniture...
Laminate top... blah.
(sorry, I didn't crop out the mess... :)
Decided to go for the grey washed wood look on the doors and drawers...
And Graphite everywhere else...
I love the color of the grey wash over the wood with dark wax.
Totally reminds me of rusty metal. :)

I think it gives it a nice industrial mid century modern look. :):):)

Have a fantastic day!
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  1. Wow it looks great. I like the graphite color. Annie Sloan?

    1. Yes, Annie Sloan. The beauty of her paint, is it's easy to repaint if I decide I don't like it... :)

  2. Great transformation! I knew Annie Sloan is very adhesive, but to laminate? Wow!


    1. Thank you Goedele! Yes, it's very adhesive, but just to be safe, I sanded the laminate until it wasn't shiny anymore, and kind of white. It worked really well. :)

  3. Love the finish on the doors! Love our kindred spirits- I have a narrow metal box similar to yours, but with less rust (darn). Hmmmm, may need to visit with you regarding your F & P buttons, your site looks great!

    1. Thanks Jen! I followed a tutorial by Laura @ Our Prairie Home. She did an excellent step by step tutorial that I followed late one night. I keep meaning to do it again, because I don't love it yet, but it works for now... :)

  4. Just bought the french linen color today. Excited to see how it works out. Love this piece that you did, going to check out the rest of your blog to see what other beautiful things you have done


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