Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Antique Drop Leaf Table

O.K. Here's a little background... My love for painting furniture and upcycling discarded treasures began with my mother-in-law, Tee Andrew. She passed away in October of 2009 of breast cancer. She was an AMAZING artist and maker. She was driven by a desire to make things beautiful. Some day I want to do a post on her and my father-in-laws home. It will amaze you. But, this is a table that Tee gave to us. It was one of her garage sale finds. She painted it, and had it in her home for years. And as she was always collecting new (old) things, and she changed the rooms of her home around on what seemed to be a weekly basis, this table found it's new home with us. Years went by...The top was beginning to show some wear, and paint was peeling and chipping off in places. So Mark suggested that I sand the top and stain it...

Just look at those legs! Beautiful!

I was too lazy to sand the bottom of the table top, so it remains creamy white. But isn't the top gorgeous!

I'm sorry if it sounds like I want to make out with my furniture... I just love it... what can I say?

This one is definately a keeper. We're too attached...

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  1. OMG...ok, I just picked up this exact table last night. I just HAVE to show my husband your post. This is almost exactly what we are wanting to do with outs..but a slightly different colour on the bottom. More of an antique off white. So very pretty, good job!

    1. Thank you! I'd be interested to see pictures of your finished product! I bet it will be beautiful...

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  3. OMGosh! I also posted a table very similar to this one, only I painted a large damask print on mine. Mine came from a family member also and I luv, luv, luv mine! I found it interesting and thought I'd share. I'm your newest follower and would luv for you to drop by and visit my little blog of luv.

  4. I just purchased this exact table style off Craigslist. What color did you stain the top? I love it!


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