Friday, September 23, 2011

Fun and Frolic

I couldn't wait to get my kids to bed tonight so I could blog about this fun transformation! I was late to an incredible estate sale, and as I went through the main floor of the house all the good stuff was gone or SOLD, but as I wandered down into the basement I saw this old dresser. It was missing the top drawer, (hence the reason it was still available,) and it was this horrible rose color....but can't you see the possibilities? I did. And those chubby little feet just spoke to home it came.

It spent a wild and crazy two days as a green dresser...(my mom would call it "@*!# brindle green.") It was an experiment with mistint paint that I regreted. But you can see in this picture the box that we (by "we" I mean my husband:) made to form a shelf where the top drawer would have been.

And THIS is the finished dresser slash media console! Looks sharp, huh? "We" cut a hole in the back for cords to dvd or blue ray players to go through, and upgraded the pulls. I love the gray and black. Gives it a sharp masculine feel.

I left all the imperfections, nicks and gouges, that were in it to begin with. I like the character they bring. And it makes it "kid friendly" right?

Mark even likes it, so I can consider it a success! Tell me what YOU think!
And this one is FOR SALE!
$150.00 SOLD


  1. It looks awesome! I remember you telling me about this find--the top shelf is a swell idea. Since Mark likes it, are you going to keep it? Or sell it?

  2. Seriously? I would have walked on past it. Never would I have imagined this was possible.

    How about this... I'll be your family photographer (when your sister-in-law isn't available, that is), and you be my interior decorator?? Ooh... Do you know the kind of magic you could wield in a studio/office? Imagine the possibilities.

  3. Another lovely piece! I need to go to estate sales. I wish I had someone to go with me. I need a sale-buddy.


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